New Zealand Auckland Rotorua Queenstown Christchurch 9 Days 7 Nights TATNZ8609

New Zealand Auckland Rotorua Queenstown Christchurch 9 Days 7 Nights TATNZ8609

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New Zealand Auckland Rotorua Queenstown Christchurch 9 Days 7 Nights TATNZ8609

 Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande
AirlineQantas Voie aérienne
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21 Jul 2024 à 29 Jul 2024 Period Other time
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Tour Itinerary
  • Date
    Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi) - Sydney - Auckland

    03:00 p.m. The group travels together at Suvarnabhumi Airport, 4th Floor, Entrance Gate No. 2, Row D, Qantas Airlines Counter (QF), staff will welcome you and provide travel document services.
    06:10 p.m. Departure for Sydney, Australia. By flight QF296

  • Date
    Auckland - City Sightseeing

    06:25 a.m. Arrive at Sydney Airport. Change flight to New Zealand.
    08.50 a.m. depart for New Zealand By flight QF143
    01:55 p.m. Arrive at Auckland city New Zealand After going through immigration formalities, you will be taken for a tour. Auckland city Number one largest city and is an important city in trade, education, and finance. Take you to see the beautiful harbor along the bay filled with hundreds of ships. See the Harbor Bridge and see Mount Eden, an extinct volcano. You can see a clear 360-degree view of the entire city of Auckland. Then you can shop and shop at your leisure on Queens Road. which is a source of various kinds of products
    In the evening, eat Chinese food at a restaurant.
    Take you to SYKCITY HOTEL or similar.

  • Date
    Auckland - Hobbit Village – Te Puya Maori Cultural Center Caves - Rotorua

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you on a journey to Matamata Town Visit the Hobbit Village Get a behind-the-scenes experience of the locations where the blockbuster trilogies Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were filmed. Director Sir Peter Jackson is asked to let you admire the beautiful grounds of the sheep farm. with an area of more than a thousand acres Combined with views of the spectacular Kaimai Ranges mountains, take a tour of the Hobbit village from the famous movie The Hobbit. There are 44 houses, each of which is designed differently. Some houses were covered with grass and some had beautiful flowers planted in front of their houses.
    At noon, eat a barbecue lunch at a restaurant in the Hobbit Village.
    Then travel to Rotorua, a city filled with geothermal energy where many Maori people live because it is a city with underground heat that can cook food by burying meat in the soil. Heat on high until cooked. This food is called Hangi by the Maori people. Rotorua is also an important tourist city on the North Island. Experience the retro atmosphere of the indigenous Maori people at the Te Puya Maori Cultural Center. You'll see Maori performances, hot springs, wood carving shows and the endangered kiwi bird.
    Evening: Eat dinner.
    Māori style hangi, a special dish prepared only on special occasions by the Māori tribe in the Rotorua region. The Maori people would dig large holes according to the size and amount of food they would make. The width is about 4 feet and the depth is about 3 feet. Then light the firewood and burn the lava rock until it is hot and throw it into the bottom of the hole that was dug. and meat such as chicken, fish, and vegetables that have tubers in the ground, such as sweet potatoes, which are traditional food wrapped in leaves, are placed in the bottom of the hole. But now other types of meat are added. and favorite vegetables into aluminum foil or heat-conducting coils that are woven together to form a basket and placed on hot stones. Cover with water-soaked hemp sacks, then cover with baking soil tightly.
    Take you to SUDIMA HOTEL ROTORUA or similar.

  • Date
    Rotorua - Glow Worm Caves - Auckland - Sky Tower

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel.
    Then take you on a journey to visit. Waitomo Glow Worm Caves A cave with millions of glow worms sparkling like stars in the night sky is a rare natural phenomenon. A local guide will take you on a boat ride into a secluded cave that is home to glow worms and you will be able to see the beauty of the naturally occurring stalactites and stalagmites. This is another popular tourist attraction in New Zealand. Can't miss it.
    At noon, eat a barbecue lunch at the restaurant.
    Then take you on a journey back to Auckland city Then take you up to see the Sky Tower (SKY TOWER), a tower that is 328 meters high, allowing a clear 360-degree view of the city. It stands out as an elegant symbol of Auckland. Sky Tower is classified as a plant. Tallest building in the southern hemisphere From the top of the tower, you can enjoy panoramic views of more than 80 kilometers across Auckland. The spire is part of the SkyCity complex. This includes a casino that is open 24 hours a day, restaurants, bars, cafes, and hotels. You can say that everything is available.
    Evening meal Western style food at ORBIT 360 Restaurant
    Experience a luxurious dinner at the famous restaurant on the Sky Tower building on the 52nd floor. You will have a 360 degree view of Auckland city as the restaurant slowly rotates around giving you an almost unobstructed view. unconscious Guaranteed with many awards, latest 2021 TripAdvisor Travellers' Choice Award winner.
    Take you to SKY CITY HOTEL AUCKLAND or similar.

  • Date
    Auckland (internal flights) – Queenstown Airport – Aerotown – Queenstown – Shopping

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel. (or prepare boxed food or depending on the opening hours of the restaurant)
    The group traveled to Auckland airport Domestic passenger building
    ..... Traveling to Queenstown, South Island by Air New Zealand (NZ) flight no.
    ..... Arrive at Queenstown Airport, South Island, which is the busiest resort city and tourist city in New Zealand, South Island. And it is a place for those who like adventure. I like thrills. A collection of interesting things to do in Queenstown. Then take you to the city of Arrowtown, a cute little town that brings many things to life. People fall in love with it because of its bright, charming colors and keeping the shops and atmosphere as similar as possible to the gold mining era. Tourists will be able to relive the history of this small town. This place was once prosperous.
    Noon: Eat a packed lunch.
    After that, you are free to walk around. Queenstown Let you travel, play, take photos, admire the romantic atmosphere and You are free to shop within Queenstown city center or try Ferburger, Queenstown's famous hamburger. that tourists around the world know well Even though there is only one here without ever opening any other branches. It has been in operation since 2001, but its deliciousness and value are well known by word of mouth. And it's the only city where shops are open until 9 p.m. every day.
    In the evening, have dinner at a Thai restaurant.
    Take you to MILLENNIUM HOTEL QUNEENSTOWN or similar.

  • Date
    Queenstown OPTIONAL TOUR - Winery – Skyline (Cableway ride to the top of the mountain + Luge 3 times) (Special international buffet on top of Bob's Peak)

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel.
    After that, you will purchase a tour outside of the program for riding a speed boat, jet boat or bungee jumping.
     Jet Boat (JETBOAT, Optional tour) This speed boat is designed to run at speed and rotate 360 degrees, with a specially skilled driver. Make sure everyone on the boat has the utmost excitement and fun. Unforgettable and an impression of your visit to this country.
     Watch bungee jumping at Kawarau Bridge. Being the first bungee jumping in the world to be opened to tourists, this exciting activity has become famous all over the world and is an activity that cannot be missed when you visit New Zealand. Jump from a 43 meter high bridge into the clear, turbulent waters beneath the bridge.
    (Jetboat or bungee jumping are outside tours. Please contact the tour leader for prices. It cannot be guaranteed whether or not you will be able to do this or not because you have not reserved in advance, so it depends on the weather conditions. The season or number of bookings each day includes the appropriate time or needs of the majority of the group. For those who are traveling in the same car but have not purchased this tour, you can take a walk, take photos, buy souvenirs or drinks as you please) and then take you on a journey to famous wine farm Near Queenstown, GIBBSTON WINERY allows you to sample wines made in different years. Bring everyone to learn about the wine production process. Impressive history The wine here is considered to be premium quality wine. which takes care from planting good grape varieties And stored with a stable climate along with winetasting activities for you to compare the taste of each type of wine. To compare the taste differences before deciding to buy as souvenirs. New Zealand's famous wines that you shouldn't miss buying include many types, such as SAUVIGNONBLANC, CHARDONNAY, PINOT NOIR, etc.
    Noon: Eat lunch at a restaurant (western style).
    After that, take you up the gondola to the top of Bob's Peak. It is a cable car that can seat 4 people. The distance to the top is 730 meters. You will experience the beauty of the entire city of Queenstown from a high angle where you can see the buildings. Houses are built along the mountainside with the beautiful Lake Wakatipu below. View the mountain peaks and beautiful towns. And you will be able to play Luge (Luge) 2 rounds per person, which is a sled that uses the slope of the mountain flow to the bottom, ready for you to dance on the height of the mountain peak with a beautiful view. It is popular with both young and old tourists.
    In the evening, have a special dinner, international buffet style, at the restaurant atop Bob's Peak.
    Take you to MILLENNIUM HOTEL QUNEENSTOWN or similar.

  • Date
    Queenstown – Coconet Peak Ski Area – Queenstown

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel.
    Take you on a journey to Coronet Peak Ski Area (shared with other tours provided by the ski area for those going to the ski area only) Coronet Peak is the closest ski area to Queenstown and is It is very popular with skiers from around the world and is accessible from the center. June to mid-September every year It is a very beautiful ski area where you can see beautiful views of various mountains. Surrounded and covered with ice in winter Giving you the freedom to play Snowboarding or practice skiing or play in the snow at your leisure.
    Noon: Eat lunch at your leisure (so as not to disturb your time).
    Note: Tours outside of the program for renting skis or other snow playing equipment at the ski area are not included. Please inquire with the tour leader for prices. The time is right to take you back to Queenstown
    In the evening, have a Chinese food dinner at a restaurant with a special menu of South Sea abalone.
    Take you to MILLENNIUM HOTEL QUNEENSTOWN or similar.

  • Date
    Queenstown - Cromwell - Salmon Farm - Tekapo - Christchurch

    Morning: Eat breakfast at the hotel.
    Takes you through Cromwell, a city of orchards. You can stop by to buy a variety of New Zealand's fresh, dried and processed fruits and visit the Twizel Salmon Farm. Ready to taste fresh salmon The scenic salmon farm is located south of Twizel. In addition to being a large salmon farm, they also sell salmon products. When you come to New Zealand, salmon is a must.
    Noon: Eat lunch at a barbecue style restaurant.
    Then continue on to see the famous lakes of New Zealand. Lake Tekapo Because of the beauty of the best in a vast area of approximately 83 square kilometers. Located approximately 700 meters above sea level, the water in the lake retains its turquoise color, which is more clearly seen than ever before. When the sunlight hits and reflects on the surface of the water. The various solutions and minerals that the water washes down on its way down from the mountain top create the beautiful blue tint. to this lake In another corner of Lake Tekapo, which has been praised as the most beautiful lake in New Zealand, take you to see the Sheepdog Memorial, a project created by a group of local businesses and farmers in the area. There was a farmer's wife who designed a sculpture and sent it to be cast in brass in England. Before it was officially opened on March 7, 1968, because everyone was grateful that the vast area that had become a rice bowl for the villagers to this day, it was these collies who helped pioneer the land. For almost 50 years, in the same area you can see the Church of the Good Shepherd. “Church of the good Shepherd” is the smallest and smallest church in New Zealand. At first glance it looks like a hut on Lake Tekapo. Standing alone in a corner doesn't make this church lonely. Because throughout the day there will be no shortage of tourists driving by to take photos as souvenirs. The church was built from bricks that were put together to become a small church building. and is still open for use in religious ceremonies. Like in the past many years From inside the church, when you look outside, you will see a beautiful view. The lake is very impressive. Then take you to Christchurch, a city that has been nicknamed "the city of Christchurch". It is considered "English city outside the British Isles" because the architecture of buildings in this city is similar to England. It is a city that is modern and complete with conveniences, but still maintains the beauty of nature flawlessly. It is another one of the 10 cities. Voted by Lonely Planet magazine as one of the best cities in the world for everyone to learn about its history. natural heritage and the cultural beauty of New Zealand
    In the evening, have a Thai-style dinner at the restaurant. Special menu: lobster, 1 person per person, served with seafood dipping sauce.
    Take you to CROWN PLAZA CHRISTCHRUCH accommodation or equivalent.

  • Date
    Christchurch – Sydney – Bangkok

    In the morning, receive a packed lunch from the hotel.
    03:30 a.m. Departure to Christchurch Airport.
    06:05 a.m. Departure for Sydney. By Qantas Flight QF138
    07:35 a.m. Arrive in Sydney. Waiting to change devices
    10:30 a.m. Departure for Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok by flight QF295.
    04:10 p.m. Return to Bangkok safely.

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  • Round-trip economy class airfare along the route on Qantas Airlines.

  • Hotel accommodation costs (two people per room), transportation fees during the tour, entrance fees to various attractions according to the specified list

  • Food and beverage costs as specified, all available airport taxes.

  • New Zealand visa fees for Thais included. (In case you already have a visa, return 6,720 baht/person)

  • The cost of a tour guide from Bangkok who will facilitate you throughout your travels abroad.

  • Tips for the tour leader and driver

  • Accident insurance is covered in the amount of 1,000,000 baht per person, only for those traveling back and forth with a group (conditions are in accordance with the insurance policy).

  • Fuel costs from airlines and airport taxes as of February 21, 2024, and the company reserves the right to adjust prices according to fuel taxes if airlines increase them after this.

  • Drinking water provided in the vehicle, 1 bottle per day.

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  • In cases where additional documents are required to be translated into English An additional document translation fee must be collected separately from the visa fee.

  • The weight of luggage exceeds the airline limit (23 kilograms per person).

  • Personal expenses other than the items listed, such as beverages and additional food.

  • Food expenses not specified in the itinerary, telephone expenses, laundry expenses, etc.

  • Value added tax 7% and withholding tax 3%

  • The cost of internet in the hotel is not included because most hotels sell internet per hour.

  • Notify cancellation 90 business days before travel, refund total deposit 70,000.- baht.

  • Notification of cancellation 75-90 days before departure, retaining deposit of 70,000.- baht.

- In the case of being refused a visa by the embassy The company would like to withhold all deposits.

- In case of ticket has been issued The company reserves the right to refund the ticket price.

  • Cancellation notice 1-75 days before travel. Total tour cost cannot be refunded because it is peak period. (various festivals)

  • Notification of cancellation on the day of travel or denial of departure from Thailand or entry into Australia. The company will not refund all money.

  • In the case that the visa is not approved before travel on the business day, the actual cost will be calculated. If after this the entire deposit is seized.

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  • Incorrect travel documents or behavior that appears to be derogatory or for any other reason as determined by the immigration officer.

  • The Company will not be responsible if the airline does not issue a boarding pass to a passenger due to a damaged passport or if the customer has affixed other stamps to the passport other than entry or exit from the country from the Immigration Bureau. Including a passport that is not more than 6 months old on the date of travel.

  • In the case that the customer forgets their passport on the date of travel, airline officials will not allow travel.

  • In the case where the embassy refuses to issue a visa due to the visa application documents being incomplete and not meeting the financial and work standards of the passenger. or report false information Then by refusing the visa

  • The Company is not responsible in the event that the Immigration Department of Thailand stops issuing immigration documents to foreigners or foreigners residing in Thailand.

  • The company will not be responsible for the cost of air tickets within Thailand that you purchase yourself for connecting flights in the event of delays from international airlines. Because it is outside of the tour company's control.