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Aéroport en Suède

  • Angelholm (Helsingborg) Airport (AGH)
  • Are Ostersund Airport (OSD)
  • Arvidsjaur Airport (AJR)
  • Borlange Air Base Airport (BLE)
  • Eskilstuna Airport (EKT)
  • Fryklanda Airport (TYF)
  • Gallivare Airport (GEV)
  • Gavle Airport (GVX)
  • Gunnarn Airport (SQO)
  • Hagfors Airport (HFS)
  • Halmstad Air Base Airport (HAD)
  • Harnosand Airport (SDL)
  • Hemavan Airport (HMV)
  • Hudiksvall Airport (HUV)
  • Hultsfred Airport (HLF)
  • Jonkoping Airport (JKG)
  • Kallax Airport (LLA)
  • Kalmar Airport (KLR)
  • Karlskoga Airport (KSK)
  • Karlstad Airport (KSD)
  • Kiruna Airport (KRN)
  • Kramfors Airport (KRF)
  • Kristianstad Airport (KID)
  • Kungsangen Airport (NRK)
  • Landvetter Airport (GOT)
  • Lidkoping Airport (LDK)
  • Linkoping Airport (LPI)
  • Lycksele Airport (LYC)
  • Orebro Airport (ORB)
  • Ornskoldsvik Airport (OER)
  • Oskarshamn Airport (OSK)
  • Pajala Airport (PJA)
  • Ronneby Air Base Airport (RNB)
  • Save Airport (GSE)
  • Siljan Airport (MXX)
  • Skelleftea Airport (SFT)
  • Skovde Airport (KVB)
  • Soderhamn Airport (SOO)
  • Stockholm All Airport (STOA)
  • Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN)
  • Stockholm Arlanda All Airport (ARNA)
  • Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA)
  • Stockholm Skavsta Airport (NYO)
  • Stockholm Vasteras Airport (VST)
  • Sturup Airport (MMX)
  • Sveg Airport (EVG)
  • Trollhattan Airport (THN)
  • Umea Airport (UME)
  • Vastervik Airport (VVK)
  • Vaxjo Airport (VXO)
  • Vilhelmina Airport (VHM)
  • Visby Airport (VBY)
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