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Aéroport en Norvège

  • Alta Airport (ALF)
  • Anda Airport (SDN)
  • Andoya/Andenes Airport (ANX)
  • Aro Airport (MOL)
  • Banak Airport (LKL)
  • Bardufoss Airport (BDU)
  • Batsfjord Airport (BJF)
  • Berlevag Airport (BVG)
  • Bodo Airport (BOO)
  • Bringeland Airport (FDE)
  • Bronnoy Airport (BNN)
  • Dajali Airport (DLD)
  • Flesland Airport (BGO)
  • Floro Airport (FRO)
  • Framnes Airport (NVK)
  • Geiteryggen Airport (SKE)
  • Goll Airport (GLL)
  • Hammerfest Airport (HFT)
  • Harbour Airport (QFQ)
  • Harstad / Narvik Airport (EVE)
  • Hasvik Airport (HAA)
  • Haukasen Airport (SOG)
  • Helle Airport (SVJ)
  • Honningsvag Airport (HVG)
  • Hovden Airport (HOV)
  • Hoybuktmoen Airport (KKN)
  • Karmoy Airport (HAU)
  • Kjevik Airport (KRS)
  • Kvernberget Airport (KSU)
  • Langnes Airport (TOS)
  • Leirin Airport (VDB)
  • Leknes Airport (LKN)
  • Lista Airport (FAN)
  • Loen Airport (LOF)
  • Longyearbyen Airport (LYR)
  • Mehamn Airport (MEH)
  • Mosjoen Airport (MJF)
  • Namsos Airport (OSY)
  • Notodden Airport (NTB)
  • Off-line Pt Airport (HRD)
  • Orland Airport (OLA)
  • Oslo All Airport (OSLA)
  • Oslo Gardermoen Airport (OSL)
  • Oslo Moss Rygge Airport (RYG)
  • Oslo Torp Airport (TRF)
  • Roros Airport (RRS)
  • Rorvik (Roervik) Airport (RVK)
  • Rossvoll Airport (MQN)
  • Rost (Roest) Airport (RET)
  • Skagen Airport (SKN)
  • Soerkjosen (Sorkjosen) Airport (SOJ)
  • Sola Airport (SVG)
  • Sorstukken Airport (SRP)
  • Stafsberg Airport (HMR)
  • Stokka Airport (SSJ)
  • Svartnes Airport (VAW)
  • Vadsoe (Vadso) Airport (VDS)
  • Vaernes Airport (TRD)
  • Vaeroy Airport (VRY)
  • Vigra Airport (AES)
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