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Aéroport en France

  • Agen Airport (AGF)
  • Aix-en-Provence Aerodrome Airport (QXB)
  • Aix-Les-Bains Airport (CMF)
  • Albi Airport (LBI)
  • Alpe d'Huez Airport (AHZ)
  • Angers Airport (ANE)
  • Angouleme Airport (ANG)
  • Annecy Airport (NCY)
  • Arles-Camargue (Garons) Airport (FNI)
  • Aubenas Airport (OBS)
  • Aulnat Airport (CFE)
  • Aurillac Airport (AUR)
  • Barcelonnette Airport (BAE)
  • Basel/Mulhouse Euro Airport (MLH)
  • Bassillac Airport (PGX)
  • Belfort Airport (BOR)
  • Bellegarde Airport (LIG)
  • Bergerac Airport (EGC)
  • Biard Airport (PIS)
  • Blagnac Airport (TLS)
  • Bourges Airport (BOU)
  • Boutheon Airport (EBU)
  • Brive-La-Gaillarde Airport (BVE)
  • Bron Airport (LYN)
  • Cahors Airport (ZAO)
  • Campo Dell'Oro Airport (AJA)
  • Carcassonne Airport (CCF)
  • Carpiquet Airport (CFR)
  • Castres Airport (DCM)
  • Caumont Airport (AVN)
  • Champagne Airport (RHE)
  • Charmeil Airport (VHY)
  • Chateau Bougon Airport (NTE)
  • Cholet Airport (CET)
  • Cognac Airport (CNG)
  • Colmar Airport (CMR)
  • Cote d'Azur Airport (NCE)
  • Courcheval Airport (CVF)
  • Creil Airport (CSF)
  • Deols Airport (CHR)
  • Dieppe Airport (DPE)
  • Dunkerque Airport (CQF)
  • Entzheim Airport (SXB)
  • Epinal Airport (EPL)
  • Essey Airport (ENC)
  • Evreux Airport (EVX)
  • Figari Airport (FSC)
  • Frejus Airport (FRJ)
  • Frescaty Airport (MZM)
  • Gap Airport (GAT)
  • Granville Airport (GFR)
  • Guipavas Airport (BES)
  • Hazebrouck Airport (HZB)
  • Ile d'Yeu Airport (IDY)
  • Juan-les-Pins Airport (JLP)
  • La Baule Airport (LBY)
  • La Mole Airport (LTT)
  • La Palyvestre Airport (TLN)
  • La Roche Airport (EDM)
  • Laieu Airport (LRH)
  • Landivisiau Airport (LDV)
  • Lann-Bihouet Airport (LRT)
  • Lannion Airport (LAI)
  • Laval Airport (LVA)
  • Le Castellet Airport (CTT)
  • Le Mans Airport (LME)
  • Le Puy Airport (LPY)
  • Les Sables Airport (LSO)
  • Lesquin Airport (LIL)
  • Longvic Airport (DIJ)
  • Lorraine Airport (ETZ)
  • Mandelieu Airport (CEQ)
  • Marignane-Provence Airport (MRS)
  • Maupertus Airport (CER)
  • Mediteranee/Frejorgues Airport (MPL)
  • Megeve Airport (MVV)
  • Mende Airport (MEN)
  • Meribel Airport (MFX)
  • Merignac Airport (BOD)
  • Montaudran Airport (XYT)
  • Montlucon Airport (MCU)
  • Montoir Airport (SNR)
  • Neveras Airport (NVS)
  • Niort Airport (NIT)
  • Octeville Airport (LEH)
  • Ossun Airport (LDE)
  • Paris All Airport (PARA)
  • Paris Beauvais Tille Airport (BVA)
  • Paris Chalons Vatry Airport (XCR)
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG)
  • Paris Le Bourget Airport (LBG)
  • Paris Orly Airport (ORY)
  • Paris Pontoise Airport (POX)
  • Paris Toussus Le Noble Airport (TNF)
  • Paris Villacoublay Airport (VIY)
  • Paris-Plage Airport (LTQ)
  • Parme (Bayonne-Anglet) Airport (BIQ)
  • Plaujean Airport (MXN)
  • Pluguffan Airport (UIP)
  • Pont Long Uzein Airport (PUF)
  • Poretta Airport (BIA)
  • Propriano Airport (PRP)
  • Rivesaltes Airport (PGF)
  • Roanne Airport (RNE)
  • Rochefort Airport (RCO)
  • Rodez Airport (RDZ)
  • Rouen Airport (URO)
  • Royan Airport (RYN)
  • Saint Brieuc Airport (SBK)
  • Saint Gatien Airport (DOL)
  • Saint Geoirs Airport (GNB)
  • Saint-Jacques Airport (RNS)
  • Saint-Symphorien Airport (TUF)
  • Saint-Yan Airport (SYT)
  • Sainte Catherine Airport (CLY)
  • Satolas Airport (LYS)
  • Serre Chevalier Airport (SEC)
  • Solenzara Airport (SOZ)
  • St. Malo Airport (DNR)
  • St. Tropez Airport (JSZ)
  • St.-Crepin Airport (SCP)
  • Tavaux Airport (DLE)
  • Tignes Airport (TGF)
  • Val d'Isere Airport (VAZ)
  • Valence Airport (VAF)
  • Vannes Airport (VNE)
  • Versailles Airport (VRS)
  • Vias Airport (BZR)
  • Vittel Airport (VTL)
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