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Cities in Gabon

Aéroport en Gabon

  • Akieni Airport (AKE)
  • Alowe Airport (AWE)
  • Biawonque Airport (BAW)
  • Bitam Airport (BMM)
  • Bongo Airport (BGP)
  • Booue Airport (BGB)
  • Fougamou Airport (FOU)
  • Gamba Airport (GAX)
  • Iguela Airport (IGE)
  • Kongoboumba Airport (GKO)
  • Koulamoutou Airport (KOU)
  • Lambarene Airport (LBQ)
  • Lastourville Airport (LTL)
  • Leconi Airport (LEO)
  • Libreville Airport (LBV)
  • M'Vengue El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba Intl Airport (MVB)
  • Makokou Airport (MKU)
  • Mandji Airport (KMD)
  • Manega Airport (MGO)
  • Mayoumba Airport (MYB)
  • Mbigou Airport (MBC)
  • Medouneu Airport (MDV)
  • Mekambo Airport (MKB)
  • Mevang Airport (MVG)
  • Miele Mimbale Airport (GIM)
  • Minvoul Airport (MVX)
  • Mitzic Airport (MZC)
  • Moabi Airport (MGX)
  • Moanda Airport (MFF)
  • Mouila Airport (MJL)
  • Ndende Airport (KDN)
  • Ndjole Airport (KDJ)
  • Nkan Airport (NKA)
  • Okondja Airport (OKN)
  • Omboue Airport (OMB)
  • Ouanga Airport (OUU)
  • Owendo Airport (OWE)
  • Oyem Airport (OYE)
  • Port Gentil Airport (POG)
  • Sette Cama Airport (ZKM)
  • Tchibanga Airport (TCH)
  • Wagny Airport (WGY)
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