History, Language & Culture Tonga

Histoire, langue et culture Tonga

Lapita, a group of people speaking in Austronesian language family Were the first to come to live in Tonga Is associated with a group of people living east of Today's Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands The period when the Lapita people first arrived in the Tonga Islands remains controversial today. It was initially assumed that a group of people believed to have inhabited the present territory of Tonga arrived in the Tonga Islands around 1500 - 1000 BC . Had introduced the tools in those days through Determination of Radioactive Carbon Age This helped determine whether the Lapita people arrived in Tonga in the year 826 ± 8 BC. When the Lapita people arrived in the Tonga Islands. Has put down roots in Nuku Legacy on the island grew sesame spike is the first and is settling in Ha'apai is later of the Phi Ta lives depend on the sea as well. The food of the Lapita people is therefore mainly seafood. For example , parrot fish, myna fish, turtles , eels, etc. In addition, agriculture and animal husbandry were also carried out. The important archaeological evidence of this period is Lapita pottery. It is a pottery made from seashells and stones, found mostly in the Ha'apai area today

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