Thailand Angthong 1 Day by Van TATTH6795

Thailand Angthong 1 Day by Van TATTH6795

Thailand Angthong 1 Day by Van TATTH6795

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Thailand Angthong 1 Day by Van TATTH6795

 Ang Thong, Thaïlande
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20 Jun 2020 à 20 Jun 2020
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Bangkok - Wak Pa Mok Worawihan - Makham Cafe - Wat Muang - Wiset Chai Chan Market - Sang Sang Temple - Wat Tha It - In To Farm - Wat Inthapramun - Bangkok -
Tour Itinerary
  • Bangkok - Wak Pa Mok Worawihan - Makham Cafe - Wat Muang - Wiset Chai Chan Market - Sang Sang Temple - Wat Tha It - In To Farm - Wat Inthapramun - Bangkok
    06.30 hrs. Traveling together at the meeting point, PTT Gas Station (Ror. 1 Roi), Vibhavadi Road, adjacent to the Army Stadium, opposite the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. To welcome you and facilitate
    07.00 hrs. Depart to Ang Thong Province By air-conditioned van on the way Invite you to relax at your leisure (Takes about 2 hours to travel)
    Morning Eat breakfast (1) Bread + milk or fruit juice while traveling.
    09.00 hrs. Arrive at Wat Pa Mok Worawihan. In the municipality of Pa Mok district Along the Chao Phraya River west side Inside this temple there is one of the most beautiful reclining Buddha images in Thailand.
    10.00 hrs. Bring you a shop, Tamarind Cafe, a small cafe along the rice field, Ang Thong city. And the first shop in Ang Thong with a wooden bridge that stretches down to the middle of the rice field The main highlight of the shop is the beautiful rice field view. The colors change according to the rice farming season. Behind the rice field view would be "Luang Pho Yai", a large golden outdoor Buddha statue Enshrined in the Wat Muang
    11.00 hrs. Arrive at the Purple Temple "Luang Pho Yai" or "Buddha Maha Nawamin Sakyamuni Sri Wiset Chai Chan" the largest Buddha statue in the world Which is a Buddha posture The lap is 63 meters wide and 95 meters high. To pray for the blessing of Luang Pho Yai, use two hands to touch the tip of the middle finger of the Reverend Father. And intended to ask for good things Do good deeds as intended. And will receive the results you desire
    12.00 hrs. Travel to Wiset Chai Chan Market or San Chao Thong Market Is an ancient market that has been with Ang Thong since the Ayutthaya period Most of them are Chinese, building wooden houses arranged next to each other. And also preserving old hotels, rice mills, and groceries There is also a delicious sweet and savory dish, such as fish, fried horse fish, fish sauce, boiled rice wrapped in candy flowers, banana candy, honeycomb honey. Gaysorn, Lamjiak and other desserts waiting for you to try many more.
    Free lunch, free lunch
    13.00 hrs. Bringing you to Sang rabbit temple. Ang Thong's new Unseen attraction Observe the 400-year-old abandoned church that is firmly surrounded by the four walls. It is called very beautiful. Inside is divided into 3 rooms. The first room enshrines Luang Pho Kaen. Next to the main room is the principal Buddha statue, Reverend Father Wandee. And Luang Pho Si Luang Phor Suk is enshrined in a small size. The last room is empty. Currently, there is no roof covering the church. Not only the shadow of the Bodhi tree covered
    14.00 hrs. Travel to Wat Tha It, Phra That Chedi, Si Pho Thong To contain the relics of the Lord Buddha's relics and the Buddha's posture
    15.00 hrs. Bringing you to Into Farm A small melon farm that pays attention to every step of planting for your loved ones. Who loves you for Melon? On days when the weather is nice and green, stop by to feed the fish and stroll around the garden. Sweet desserts from fresh melon on the farm For lovers Free for you to buy snacks and souvenirs at your leisure.
    16.00 hrs. Travel to Khun Inthapramun Temple Is a large reclining Buddha statue and The longest in Thailand, up to 50 meters long. This reclining Buddha is enshrined in the temple. But caught fire Therefore only the monks are lying outside only With a smiling face, calm, cool, faithful
    17.00 hrs. It is appropriate to bring you back to Bangkok.
    19.00 hrs. Arrive in Bangkok By Sawasdee
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