Auckland Museum (Auckland Museum) Auckland Nouvelle-Zélande

Auckland Museum

 Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande

This general admission option for Auckland Museum provides entry to the facility and allows you to view all the various historical items at your own pace. As one of our Top 10 Things to Do in Auckland list items, the Auckland Museum is a comprehensive, informative and entertaining showcase of all things Maori and Pacific Islander along with very well-curated exhibits on European history as well. This well-maintained and copious exhibition contains numerous well-preserved and rare examples of craftsmanship from hundreds of years ago, balanced expertly with sections devoted to natural history and New Zealand's many unique types of animal life. The Auckland Museum offers such a diverse array of things to see, learn about and interact with that it's easy to spend half a day or more here; so if you're looking for one of the most cost-effective places to visit in Auckland that's suitable for whole families, then be sure to grab your general admission tickets to Auckland Museum online here today!