Promotion | Ensure yourself a safe trip

Ensure yourself a safe trip

Ensure yourself a safe trip

When purchase Single Trip Online Travel Insurance in THB
Get free! TraveliGo Gift Voucher up to 300 Baht*
1 Dec 2021 – 30 Apr 2022
*Terms and conditions apply.
Purchase Travel Insurance, SINGLE TRIP, will get TraveliGo Gift Voucher as below;

Purchase SINGLE TRIP 700 Baht, will get TraveliGo Gift Voucher 100 Baht

Purchase SINGLE TRIP 1,200 Baht, will get TraveliGo Gift Voucher 200 Baht

Purchase SINGLE TRIP 1,600 Baht, will get TraveliGo Gift Voucher 300 Baht

Promotional campaign effective from 1 Dec 2021 – 30 Apr 2022 with the following terms and conditions applying
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Gift Voucher Delivery
- TraveliGo will deliver TraveliGo Gift Voucher within 15 days after
the purchase of the Worldwide Travel Insurance to the email address mentioned in the policy.
- In case of cancellation, the company reserves the right to retrieve the (unused) TraveliGo Gift Voucher or their value.
TraveliGo Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions
• Get discount up to 300THB when make a flight or hotel booking on and pay in Thai Baht (THB) currency only. 
• The discounts will appear in the final stages of the reservation after putting the correct discounts code.
• The discount is valid for online bookings only and pay through website in Thai Baht (THB) currency only. 
• Please make a booking in advance depending on seat or room availability and our terms and conditions.
• This promotion cannot be transferred or given to other collectors, change / exchange / refund.
• This promotion discounts cannot be combined with any other promotions.
• All flights and hotels booking depending on terms and conditions.
• We reserve the right to change terms and conditions or cancel this promotion without notice. In case of dispute, the decision of TraveliGo are final considered.
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