Old Moscow Mini, Moscow, Moscou, Russie

Old Moscow Mini, Moscow, Moscou, Russie

Old Moscow Mini (Old Moscow Mini)

Ulitsa Maroseyka 9/2 Building 8 3 Entrant 4 Floor,

Old Moscow Mini (Old Moscow Mini) Our mini-hotel is located in the historical center of Moscow on Maroseyka street. This is one of the oldest streets in Moscow, which preserved ancient buildings. Our mini-hotel is located in a former apartment house built in 1847, which is the object of cultural heritage. Stroll to the Kremlin can be reached in 20 minutes.We are creating a new generation of mini-hotels, which combine home comfort and high level services. You can call us at any time and ask, for example, where the best karaoke in Moscow and we will advise the place that you will not find in the tourist brochures. Our administrators are in the hotel around the clock. They even cook you soup if you wish. In addition, we have a mini-kitchen with all necessary equipment to feel at home.

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